Russian Summer Ethno Festivals 2018

There are not so many ethnic [folk or world music] festivals in Russia. Most of those I wrote about a year ago do not exist or will be held every two years, like the Taibola Festival and White Noise, skipping 2018. Also, many have not yet published their promo with the line-up announcement 2018, but … Continue reading Russian Summer Ethno Festivals 2018

Artist Profiles: Vedan Kolod

Vedan Kolod is a family folk band from Siberia, Russia. Born at the foothills of the Krasnoyarsk mountains, future Vedan Kolod members started singing with their grandparents when they were only 4 years old so traditional music has always been a part of their life. Drawing on ancient and medieval Slavic folk traditions, Vedan Kolod … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Vedan Kolod

Les Tambours de Brazza to Release Kongo in June 2018

Congolese band Les Tambours de Brazza is set to release its new album Kongo (Buda Musique ) on June 1st, 2018. The master drummers continue to perform with their impressive ngoma drums. The group has added some changes: vocal and drum call and response and more modern instruments: guitar, electric bass, and drums.

Hemdem, A Celebration of Innovative Turkish String Music

Sinan Cem Ero?lu and Muhlis Berbero?lu – Hemdem (Ahenk Müzik, 2018) Hemdem is a remarkable album by two extraordinary Turkish multi-instrumentalists. The two virtuoso artists play a wide range of string instruments from Turkey and the West. Musically, Hemdem combines Turkish and Middle Eastern modes with western influences. Throughout the album, Sinan Cem Ero?lu and … Continue reading Hemdem, A Celebration of Innovative Turkish String Music

Artist Profiles: José Alberto “El Canario”

José Alberto “El Canario” is known as El Sonero del Pueblo (The people’s singer). Nicknamed after the trademark canary-like whistle with which he embellishes his improvisations, “El Canario” has an exceptional voice, with a unique style. He is also a master improviser. José Alberto Justiniano was born December 22, 1958 in Villa Consuelo, Santo Domingo, … Continue reading Artist Profiles: José Alberto “El Canario”

Artist Profiles: Joaquin Diaz

As a young boy, Joaquín played every night at the biggest hotels in Santo Domingo. He began his musical career as a street musician in the streets of San Domingo, Dominican Republic. “I was playing my music in the streets of Santo Domingo when I was nine years old. I was the oldest of seven … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Joaquin Diaz

Artist Profiles: Chichí Peralta

Chichí Peralta is a talented musician from the Dominican Republic He is a master percussionist and brilliant at fusing tropical rhythms. In his recordings, Peralta combines diverse rhythms and styles like jazz, merengue, guaguancó and even Dominican bachata and vallenato. The tall Caribbean percussionist was born July 9 of 1966 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Chichí Peralta

Interview with Valeria Matzner

Uruguayan jazz vocalist and songwriter Valeria Matzner has a new album recorded in Canada titled Anima. She incorporates exciting Brazilian and electronic music elements. Valeria discusses her work with World Music Central. What do you consider as the essential elements of your music? I always start my compositions with a melodic line. In my opinion, … Continue reading Interview with Valeria Matzner

Artist Profiles: Zar

Zar was an innovative young act in the booming Danish folk scene and they earned the Danish Music Award (The equivalent to the Grammy). Their tight, powerful and dynamic sound was compared to such great bands as Solas and Union Station. Zar’s material was recreated traditional Danish music . Zar played traditional songs and tunes … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Zar

Artist Profiles: Kvasir

Kvasir consists of two Danish women who offer an energetic interpretation of traditional dance tunes and songs from different areas of their country. The musicians provide a deeper insight into the Danish folk culture with stories about the tunes, the composers and elder folk musicians. In addition to concert performances, Kvasir offers music and dance … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Kvasir