Scottish and Global Flavors at Rudolstadt 2017

Various Artists – Rudolstadt Festival 6 ? 9 Juli 2017 (Galileo, 2017) Rudolstadt Festival 6 ? 9 Juli 2017 is a beautifully-packaged triple disc set featuring two audio CDs, a DVD and a hard cover book with photos and liner notes in German and English. This album features the artists that appeared in the 2017 … Continue reading Scottish and Global Flavors at Rudolstadt 2017

Artist Profiles: Sally Nyolo

Sally Nyolo was born in a small village called Eyen-Meyong, in southern Cameroon. At the age of thirteen, she moved to France and lived in Paris for many years. A former member of Zap Mama, Sally established herself from 1982 to 1994 as a respected session vocalist by performing and recording with many artists such … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Sally Nyolo

Artist Profiles: Richard Bona

Bona Pinder Yayumayalolo, better known as Richard Bona, was born October 28, 1967 in Minta, a village in central Cameroon. From the moment of Richard Bona’s birth, music has been the center of his world. He is the grandson of a famous percussionist and singer. Beginning with the music his mother and four sisters sang … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Richard Bona

Dom Flemons to Release Tribute to Black Cowboys

African American multi-instrumentalist Dom Flemons will release his new album titled Black Cowboys on March 23, 2018 on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. The album includes songs and poems connected with the thousands of African American pioneers who helped form the United States of America. The physical edition contains a 40-page booklet with wide-ranging notes and photos. … Continue reading Dom Flemons to Release Tribute to Black Cowboys

Extraordinary Plena Journey

Plena Libre – Amores en el Camino (Gn Musica, 2017) Plena Libre, one of the great Puerto Rican bands rooted in tradition is back with another outstanding recording titled Amores en el Camino. The 12-piece powerhouse combines captivating rhythms like plena and bomba with jazz, salsa and global music elements. The album opens with ?Puerto … Continue reading Extraordinary Plena Journey

Bombay Rickey?s Cinematic Surf

Bombay Rickey – Electric Bhairavi (Cowboys & Indian, 2018) Electric Bhairavi is a wild musical party where operatic vocals meet surf guitar along with Indian music, chicha and Spaghetti Western influences. There is also a quirky John Zorn-esque vibe to the whole album. The band is based in New York City and features Kamala Sankaram … Continue reading Bombay Rickey?s Cinematic Surf

Artist Profiles: Kristo Numpuby

Born in Paris and raised in Eseka in Cameroon, Kristo Numpuby plays assiko music, the traditional rhythm of the southern Cameroon forests, using a guitar, knives, forks and spoons and empty bottles for the percussion. Singer, bassist and guitarist, the Afro-Parisian draws on the rhythms of the forest as inspiration for his compositions. At the … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Kristo Numpuby

Flamenco guitarist Daniel Casares to Showcase Picassares in the United States

Acclaimed Spanish flamenco guitarist and composer Daniel Casares is set to perform in New York on March 24, 2018 at Joe’s Pub. Casares will present his latest work, Picassares, inspired by the paintings of the Malaga-born genius Picasso. “To me it is an opportunity to show instrumental flamenco and to claim the sound of the … Continue reading Flamenco guitarist Daniel Casares to Showcase Picassares in the United States

Artist Profiles: Henri Dikongue

Henri Dikongue was born December 6, 1967 in Duala, Cameroon. Henri Dikongué grew up as part of a family of musicians. He was raised in the capital city, Yaunde, where he learned acoustic guitar from his uncle. His grandmother brought him to a Protestant choir where he first learned to sing. Like all young people … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Henri Dikongue

Artist Profiles: Gino Sitson

Gino Sitson is a Cameroonian who is considered a jazz singer, yet sings mostly in his native Bamileke language. His phrasing reminds one of Bobby McFerrin or Al Jarreau. He is the only singer incorporating indigenous African polyphonic technique into the jazz vocal tradition, and not only that, his musical, as opposed to lyrical, compositions … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Gino Sitson