Artist profiles: Howard Levy

Multi-instrumentalist Howard Levy has appeared throughout the Americas, Europe and Japan in a variety of jazz, Latin, folk, blues, pop and world music settings. A superb pianist and composer, Howard?s most remarkable music is made on the harmonica. He has revolutionized the technique of playing the instrument by devising a method of playing all twelve … Continue reading Artist profiles: Howard Levy

Artist profiles: Hoven Droven

Hoven Droven’s music is a unique and powerful blend of traditional folk and fierce hard rock where violin and electric guitar duel for the audience’s attention. This combination is complemented by a diverse background created by sax, Hammond organ, drums, percussion and bass. The band?s name is a slang phrase which means uh “whatever” (at … Continue reading Artist profiles: Hoven Droven

Artist profiles: Henry Butler

New Orleans pianist and vocalist Henry Butler is a virtuoso jazz, blues and r&b pianist, a schooled vocalist naturally imbued with gospel credibility a fierce r&b performer and an expressive composer. ?Once I sit at the keyboard it’s right there,? says Butler ?I have an instrument on which I can express anything I want.? Calling … Continue reading Artist profiles: Henry Butler

Artist profiles: Hejira

Hejira features original compositions by Don Baragiano representing an eclectic musical blend which bridges diverse cultures from; Middle Eastern, Russian, African, Eastern European and other ethnic styles to classical and jazz … mix in a bit of blues, rock, and flamenco … all on top of a strong multinational earthy beat. Instrumentation includes guitar, violin, … Continue reading Artist profiles: Hejira

Artist profiles: Hazmat Modine

Hazmat Modine is a band of unconventional musical instruments and cultural combinations that reflect the origins of the American musical soul. Their debut CD was Bahamut (Barbes Records 2006). The band is led by two harmonica-players rounded out with tuba drums guitars and trumpet and recruits guests appearing on lesser-known instruments such as the claviola … Continue reading Artist profiles: Hazmat Modine

Artist profiles: Hazelius Hedin

Two of Sweden?s most established folk musicians make up the duo Hazelius Hedin. Esbjorn Hazelius and Johan Hedin both grew up in the south of Sweden where the traditional couple dance slangpolska is prevailing. They search all over Sweden for their repertoire which includes everything from medieval ballads sailor songs love ballads and instrumental dance … Continue reading Artist profiles: Hazelius Hedin

Artist profiles: Haytham Safia

Haytham Safia, born in 1980, is an Arab-Israeli from Jerusalem. His passion for the Ud started at an early stage. In 2001 he made his debut as a performer in The Netherlands where he acquired a firm position in the musical ensemble accompanying the Galili Dance Group; they toured throughout Europe. In 2002 he graduated … Continue reading Artist profiles: Haytham Safia

Artist profiles: Haydamaky

The Haydamaky began their career in 1991 shortly after Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union. At that time the band was known as Aktus and played mostly local gigs in the underground Kyiv (Kiev) music scene. In the absence of a fertile popular local music scene Aktus turned to the sounds of reggae, … Continue reading Artist profiles: Haydamaky

Artist profiles: Hasu Patel

Hasu Patel, a disciple of sitar legend Ustad Vilayat Khan Saheb is one of the few distinguished female artists performing today Classical Music on sitar, the most popular string instrument of India. As a performer, composer, and a teacher, she has dedicated her life to preserving and propagating in its pristine purity the fascinating, highly … Continue reading Artist profiles: Hasu Patel

Thrilling Oumou Sangaré with a Modern Twist

Oumou Sangaré – Mogoya (No Format!, 2017) After nearly 10 years since she recorded her last album, the great world music star Oumou Sangaré has a new album titled Mogoya. Oumou is Mali?s finest female and a leading figure in African and world music. She?s also a songwriter who writes most of her material. Mogoya … Continue reading Thrilling Oumou Sangaré with a Modern Twist