Artist Profiles: Tenores di Bitti “Mialinu Pira”

Tenores di Bitti “Mialinu Pira” was formed in Sardinia and takes its name from the well-known anthropologist Michelangelo ‘Mialinu’ Pira from Bitti. All the members have been learning the traditional singing since they were children. After a careful preparation, the group began to perform the ancient melodies at many town squares, theaters and churches of … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Tenores di Bitti “Mialinu Pira”

Artist Profiles: Tenore “S. Gavino” Oniferi

The canto a tenore, typical from Barbagia region in the center of Sardinia, is a male polyphonic vocal style with a great charm, one of the highest expression of the vocal art in the Mediterranean area. Immediately it sounds primitive and strong. It is not a chance that many scholars thought that this way of … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Tenore “S. Gavino” Oniferi

Artist Profiles: Spaccanapoli

Spaccanapoli comes from the streets of Naples, full of vibrant energy, impassioned vocals and wild abandon. The band sings modern protest songs from ancient roots. “One by one we die – all because of the bosses!”This defiant line isn’t sung at some socialist youth rally, but rather an informal gathering of automotive workers near Naples. … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Spaccanapoli

Artist Profiles: Radiodervish

The music of the Radiodervish (from the Persian dar and wish: visitors of doors) was born from the meeting between Palestinian musician Nabil and Italian artist Michele. Two lives, two worlds that virtually are thousands and that relate mutually and do not fear to be contaminated. Nabil and Michele live on the frontier, seeking roads … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Radiodervish

The Best Ballads of The High Kings

Decade – The Best of The High Kings (Celtic Collections, 2017) The High Kings, a well-liked Irish band that specializes in folk ballads released “Decade” – The Best of The High Kings’. The album contains the group?s most popular songs, a total of 18 tracks. Some of these include ?Rocky Road to Dublin,? ?Marie’s Wedding? … Continue reading The Best Ballads of The High Kings

Artist Profiles: Eugenio Bennato

Eugenio Bennato was born on March 16, 1947 in Naples, Italy. He founded the seminal Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare in 1969. He later cofounded Musicanova in 1976. He is one of Italy?s most important champions of traditional music. Eugenio is the brother of Italian rock star Eduardo Bennato. Eugenio Bennato also founded Taranta Power, … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Eugenio Bennato

Artist Profiles: Furias

Fùrias has spent many years collecting the musical experiences of traditional musicians from Sardinia. The group’s intention is to research, safeguard and spread the musical culture of the island. Through its research and concerts, the group has managed to introduce many of the island’s ancient instruments to new audiences. Although the musicians have been active … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Furias

Artist Profiles: Lucilla Galeazzi

Lucilla Galeazzi is a singer, writer and researcher of folk music. She was born in Terni, in the central Italian region of Umbria. Galeazzi began singing at the age of 15 with a pop group formed together with friends, only becoming interested in folk music a little later on, when she worked alongside researcher Valentino … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Lucilla Galeazzi

Bixiga 70, Where Brazil and Africa Get Together

Bixiga 70 – Quebra Cabeça (Glitterbeat, 2018) The Sao Paulo instrumental group Bixiga 70 is where Brazil and Africa meet. Their layered sound is explosive and energetic and all you have to do is hold on while the music takes over. With the recordings Ocupai, Bixiga 70 and III already under their belts, Bixiga 70 … Continue reading Bixiga 70, Where Brazil and Africa Get Together

Las Cafeteras Release New Video and Continue the Smashing Borders Tours

Los Angeles band Las Cafeteras has released a new video for the song ‘ El Feo Más Bello.’ It is a new collaboration with Kansas City band Making Movies. Additionally, the band continues its West Coast tour. Las Cafeteras most recent album is Tastes Like L.A.. Las Cafeteras Tour Dates: 9/23- UCLA 9/28- Rohnert Park, … Continue reading Las Cafeteras Release New Video and Continue the Smashing Borders Tours